Vladimir Zhilin

Amazing and emotional events in Russian and English anywhere in the world
Vladimir Zhilin
Amazing and emotional events in Russian and English anywhere in the world

My name is Vladimir Zhilin. I am a host of amazing
and emotional events in Russian and English. I prefer a light and gentle comedy, understandable and shameless for both children and the older generation.

I never draw all the attention of the celebration to myself. The event should be focused on people: guests and heroes of the occasion. And no dictatorship of fun! Everything happens unobtrusively and with the participants' willingness .

I believe that, in addition to laughter, any event should have strong emotions as when a serious man has tears at a touching moment! When you are bursting with delight that the groom overcame the fear and played the guitar in front of the guests! Stunned by all the guests – stunning all the guests !

1 000+ events
of different sizes have been hosted by me for over 11 years of work as a showman
40+ events
in Russian and English languages have been hosted by me in other countries
10 000 guests
attended the international festival that I hosted
6 people
were at my smallest wedding

Why choose me
About you and for you
Experience allows me to determine the most important things and create a program that is not only bright, but also suitable for the main characters and guests.
Not like everyone else's
Just as there are no identical people in the world, the entertainment program should always be exclusive. There are customers for whom I have been hosting events for 8 years, and each time I come up with a new creative solution.
Full immersion
I am for the delicate approach to the event and the guests. I remember not only the names, but also all the important details, including the nickname of your pet.
As clear as a bell
I am for you to have a clear idea of what will happen at the event. To do this, we draw up a precise evening plan with all the details.
No room for errors
A professional class manifests itself in emergency situations. I know how to work with force majeure events and iron out difficulties, eliminating the possibility that something will go wrong.
On-line 24/7
I'm client-oriented. I never limit the number of meetings and am always happy to discuss your event. Once I woke up at 3:00 am to skype with a couple from the USA.
I perform in two languages
I switch between Russian and English at ease without losing the dynamics, humor and attention of all guests. I can also perform an event entirely in English.
Ready for trips
With a Schengen and an American visas, I'm ready for overseas events. I've already worked in 9 countries. Perhaps your event will be in the tenth?

The wedding of your dreams

Of all the event formats, I like weddings the most. This, of course, is paradoxical, since more thorough preparation is required for them, and an incredible amount of information and details must be kept in mind.

I study all the pitfalls, I can iron out difficulties and remember all the wishes of the couple, because there will be no way to replay, rewind and do it differently. I do my best to make the evening easy and smooth.

And there is no better reward when at the end of the day the newlyweds come up to you, hug and say that everything turned out even better than they imagined!

Watch the video and you will understand everything yourself!
Reviews of the newlyweds
From the first meeting, we realized that it was our host, we were inspired and wanted to participate in the preparation process as soon as possible! Each of our wishes was collected into a delightful symbiosis of a sincere, touching, intelligent and, most importantly, family evening!
Our wedding in the Dominican Republic was just magical and incredibly cool! Our ceremony has become special! We are very grateful! It was not like everyone else's. And Vladimir gave us a gift that we will keep forever!
Our wedding was international, there were guests from different countries. My husband and I are from different countries. There were people who did not live in their own country, European views on life. There were guests with a deeply eastern understanding of life. Of course, there were Russian relatives. There were people who did not know Russian or English. We have prepared a perfectly thought-out wedding in just one week! By the way, Vladimir speaks cook English!
My wife hired Vladimir secretly from me. I found out about this shortly before the event. I was a little upset, because I just wanted a dinner for two families, without a host. But I didn't think how to combine them, because my parents were barely familiar. But my wife thought, and not in vain! Everyone was amazed at how beautiful and sincere this day could be. This is the best wedding I've been to. And, what is more, in the title role!

How everything will happen

Cozy meetings, trills of laughter during the conversation and understanding that we are made for each other!
A multi-stage interview in person or on Skype, because there can be thousands of kilometers and tons of messages between us.
Development of a unique scenario, which we correct when we meet again at the site.
And then, as a moment, the fruits of our joint work fly by. So you want to repeat it all over again!


Several wedding videos

We'll shoot such videos and show them at the wedding!

Corporate Events

I know what the "high" level of the event means, and I understand how important it is to emphasize the status of the company in front of employees, partners and customers, including foreign ones.

It matches the corporate identity of the company not only externally, but also in communication, jokes and game content. I use a delicate approach to each guest. I understand in which cases humor is appropriate, and in which it's not. I consider all the details and wishes of the management and HR management in the script.

An assistant always works with me, so the events go smoothly and without overlaps, and those in charge can breathe out, freed from many worries and enjoying the process.

In addition to entertainment, I always set tasks as well: for example, to introduce and rally the team, to convey brand values to people or to establish new traditions.

Corporate customer reviews
Vladimir, thank you for hosting our New Year's corporate evening! And personally from me – for helping in organizing it! Everything went at the highest level! All guests noted how clearly your team works, how well the music is chosen and what sparkling jokes you have.
Anna Blinova
transport company Angstrom
The festival of culture and traditions of Thailand, organized by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand, takes place annually in Moscow. Vladimir performed the most important and responsible program on the main stage. In Russian and English! Despite the complex specifics, the language barrier with some participants who spoke only Thai, and often changing tasks from the embassy, Vladimir did an excellent job. The Thai Embassy has repeatedly asked to invite Vladimir to its events. I really hope that we will be able to work together again!
Galina Reichstein
Thai Fest Moscow
Vladimir was a host at a corporate event dedicated to the 10th anniversary of our Togliatti branch. The management noted that our corporate party has reached a new level. Thank you, Vova, great for a wonderful evening! Hope to cooperate!
Tatyana Sergeeva
New Year's corporate party turned out cool! Thank you Volodya! There were 110 people. Everyone, from partners and managers to employees, was satisfied, so I'll give you 109 plus comments about the fact that you are the best host!
Christina Saulina
network of gas stations Promkriogen

Brands that trust me


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